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Animating just got a lot easier

With our pre-rigged After Effects characters you can now animate faster, cheaper and smoother than ever. Whether you are a beginner or a professional!


Middel 14.png

Choose your design

Scroll through the library. Find the style your heart desires. Each character has up to 3 variations. Check the product details for all the animation options.

Middel 12.png


Once downloaded, you can start directly in After Effects. The program you allready know and love. Easily change the colors to blend it  seamlessly in your design. Try it! It will take less then 5 minutes

Middel 13.png

Make it move

All characters have easy-to-use controllers. This means almost no layers, no hassle and no more mistakes. Oh and did we allready mention it can save you hours of time?

Middel 11.png

Show off

Everything you create can be distributed on any platform.* For commercial and personal use. This way you can show off all over the world.

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