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3 animated classics you have to see!

These are films that inspired me and still do. I hope they will be a source of inspiration for you to.

1. Love and theft – Andreas Hykade

The concept has been copied over 1000 times, but this is the original. Andreas Hykade, who is known for his Edgy animations, went full psycho on animation history in this short. As the title suggests it shows his love for the classics and how he steals the icons and makes it his own. It has been the recipient of numerous awards for both music and animation. I wonder what kind of drugs he was on when he animated all of this. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

2. Food – Jan Svankmeyer

f you don’t know the living legend “Svankmeyer” yet, this film is the best introduction you can get. This fucked up diner movie is an excellent combination of Claymation and pixilation. Let’s hope you don’t lose your appetite.

3. KJFG No. 5 (aka Log Jam) – Alexei Alexeev

Alexei Alexeev, even the directors name sound like a cartoon figure, made this happy forest creature music band, in the begin days of digital cut-out animation. For one reason he named it KJFG No. 5. (I mean, why would you do that.) and it became a hit among animators. And because there was this small platform called YouTube it became a small worldwide hit. It was pretty fresh back in the days, and it still is today. We hope you are ready for the worst music band in recent animation history.

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