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How do our characters work?

Well, it’s actually quite simple. All our characters are built to be as easy as possible. This way you can focus on the fun part: animating.In the next 4 steps we will explain how to get started.

1. Choose between 3 rigging options

So, when you choose a character, you will have 3 options to choose from.

Light, Premium and ultimate.

1. The light version

is the beginner's version. Build for everyone. No supercomputer required. It’s also the easiest of the three to use. With the light version, your able to look left and right with your character. The arms and legs are easily animated, and you can choose between several mouth and hand shapes.

2. The premium version

has a few extra options. The major advantage is the easy to use head control which makes it possible to make your character look anywhere you want. You have extra hand and mouth shapes and you’ll get extra controllers to make the eyebrows move. This gives you a lot more expression possibilities. You can also turn the body left and right. And as a surplus you can even make the arms go behind the body with the click of a button. So... no more cutting up layers!

3. The ultimate version

This is heavier for your computer, but you’ll get a complete facial control panel. This makes lip-syncing a piece of cake and it will make your animation stand out from the crowd. There are even more hand shapes. Shoulder controls. Separate foot rotation. It has everything your animation heart ever desired. There’s nothing to stop you now

2. Open your project

Once you’ve downloaded the character you can just double click to open. There are no plug-ins required. Another possibility is to simply drag and drop the file in an existing project. We recommend renaming the main composition.

3. Getting started

Once you’ve opened a project you can start animating. There are only a few basics you’ll need to know. When you look at the timeline, you might notice the small amount of layers in the timeline. We can already hear you thinking: “What..? How did...? Ugh. Something has to be wrong?”. No, don’t worry. Keep calm and start animating. All the characters are carefully crafted to make the animation process as easy as giving candy to a baby. That’s why we’ve hidden everything you don’t need. You can say bye bye to “Omg where the **** is that layer again!”The second thing you might notice are the controllers on the screen. These will control all the movements. But there’s more to it than you might think. If you click on a controller and go to the effects panel, you can find some hidden gems.Let’s quickly go over them:

  • Master control: moves everything and controls all the colors

  •  Body Control. Moves and Rotates the body

  • Leg Controllers: moves the leg, controls the bending direction

  • Arm controllers: moves the arms, controls the bending direction, contains the hand shapes

  • Head control: Rotates and moves the head. Contains mouth and eye shapes.

Depending on the rigging option you choose (Light, Premium, Ultimate), you will get the standard or extra benefits.

4. It’s animation time

Before you begin, think about what you are going to create or animate. Put your character in the right position. Make sure that you click on the stopwatch to start keyframing. Now you’re good to go. Have fun animating

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