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Why music video’s are the best way to find inspiration

I don’t really know what it is, but for some reason music videos have always been a medium for experimentation. This lead up to some really interesting animated video’s containing tons of creativity. So, when I'm lost and in need for a shot of inspiration, I often wander through YouTube looking for new music. Within the hour I'm up and running again. Ready the conquer the world. Below I will share some video’s that in one way or another meant something to me, and hopefully will be a discovery for you. Enjoy!

Can you do it – Charles X

Actually, this song was a Spotify recommendation. So it took some time before I found out that the video was, if possible, even better than the song itself. With a flawless combination of 2D & 3D, a well-balanced colour pallet and a visual driven story this clip has it all! So jealous right now :D

The studio, Eddytv, is known for their visual astonishing work and this really reflects in the video.

I’m blue (dabedee) – Eiffel 65

Remember this one :D Haha, we have to admit, this is not the best animation you have ever seen. Particularly when you look at it with today's standards. however it was groundbreaking at the time! 3D was just coming up and the video game approach was not cool yet. But from the moment it was released it took the world by storm. MTV was still hot, and our 6 year old selves really sat in front of the television waiting for the video to come up. Remember this was a pre-YouTube time. The members of the band were nicely integrated in the clip. And the music stays in your head for days.  That’s why this clip deserve a place in this list.

Fragment – Amatorski

This one is personal. It was the first videoclip I made. Back at school together with my mate Wietse. When we look back, it still inspires us. Not because it was a cool to make, but also it has a beautiful atmosphere. Thanks to the collaborations with the artwork of Maison Stella (you should check her Instagram btw) there is wonderful use of collage, paintwork and live action. The Belgium surrealist references give it extra punch. And above all, the artwork carries and lifts up the music, what is the most important thing a music video should do.

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